Voluntary Information Survey

The following questions are being asked to help fulfill our responsibilities to our Affirmative Action Program and will not be used to discriminate against applicants in any way. Please help us comply with government agency requirements by completing this survey. Please understand that your participation is voluntary and inclusion or exclusion of data will not affect any employment decision. The information you provide will be kept in a confidential file, separate from your resume or employment application.

Employment Information

Applications are considered only with respect to the particular position(s) for which they are submitted and which are open at the time of application. Should you wish to be considered for another position or for a future opening in the same position, or if your application information changes, please reapply. If you are hired, this information will become part of your employment file.

I certify that the information provided by me on this application, and in any accompanying documents or statements, is true and correct without misrepresentation or omission of any kind whatsoever, and I understand that if any of this information is discovered to be incorrect, false or misleading, or if there are any misrepresentations or omissions of any kind whatsoever, Veridian Homes may end any further consideration of hiring me or, if I have been hired, may terminate my employment.

I hereby give Veridian Homes my consent to investigate and verify the truthfulness of the information I have provided in this application and any accompanying documents and to contact my current employer, past employers, organizations, and law enforcement agencies. I authorize all references, employers, schools, organizations, and law enforcement agencies to give to Veridian Homes any information they may have regarding me. I hereby release those persons, employers, schools, organizations, and law enforcement agencies, and all individuals connected with them, from all liability, including any claim for damages, for releasing this information to Veridian Homes.

Employment with Veridian Homes is "At-Will." If hired, either Veridian Homes or the employee may terminate the employment relationships at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice unless Veridian Homes enters into an agreement with the employee that expressly states otherwise.

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